16 “Resolutions” that could be yours, too.

Resolutions – the word that follows “New Year’s” in so many cases.

Honestly, I’ve never been a fan. These things tend to be forgotten after January. However, the clean slate and freshness of a new date on the calendar entices me. So I decided to make some “resolutions” of my own this year and give it a try.

When I think of the word “resolution,” part of me sees a solution as a problem that has been solved. And we all know that each of us has a lot of problems.

So instead of taking on daunting tasks for this fresh slate of 2016, I invite you all to attempt to solve a few of the problems of the past with my 16 New Year’s “Resolutions” for 2016.

  • Grow. (the mistakes you make do not define you)
  • Change. (accept it. take control of this change and let it positively influence you.)
  • Love. (with every fiber of your being. love yourself, love your friends and family, love pizza. just give love & receive it too.)
  • Laugh. (does this need an explanation? See my former blog post “My Drug and Medicine of Choice”)
  • Enjoy. (Enjoy the little things, enjoy the big things. If you don’t enjoy something, then run away. or walk. because I don’t enjoy running either. find something to enjoy and stick with it.)
  • Explode. (you probably were like whaaat? at this word. but seriously just explode: with passion, with anger, with anything that drives you to make a change and live your life the way you need to)
  • Dream. (be passionate. be authentic. reach for the stars. reach for a crown. reach for a 4.0 or a 3.2 or a promotion at work. keep dreaming.)
  • Work. (Work towards those dreams. They won’t be handed to you.)
  • Give. (give of yourself to others, give a smile to someone who needs one, give Christmas gifts to friends, give something.)
  • Forget. (forget the people who left you, who hurt you, who made you cry. forget the moments that make you hurt, because you can not change the past. forget what you can.)
  • Make. (the most of it. make art, make cookies, make babies. okay, definitely not that last part for me anyways. just make things. get out of your comfort zone. If nothing else, make tons of memories of that time you made the ugliest painting ever or you burnt an entire batch of cookies.)
  • Fall. (not the season. fall in love, fall apart, fall down. It’s bound to happen, but at least this is an easy one to check off the list.)
  • Get up. (see the last bullet. this bullet, however, is not a guaranteed check on the list. you’re going to have to work for it sometimes. You may have to sob into some ice cream or go on a date with a stranger. Get up and get moving and get to work on making 2016 YOURS.
  • Sleep. (because honestly, we all need to catch some z’s.)
  • Relish. (Soak it in, because soon it will be page 365 of 365 again and you’ll have blinked and missed all the amazing times of this year)
  • Live. just live. don’t get caught up in solving all your problems at once or the fact that 40 new problems arose in one week or your paper is due or your boyfriend dumped you or the rent is due in a week and you spent it all on a Michael Kors handbag, or whatever. Just live and feel free to make mistakes that you have to solve with your re-solutions next year.

2016, truthfully, is not a “fresh start” because you still have to figure out what you’re going to do with all that stuff from the past and where you want to go in the future. So… these are my “resolutions.” I think that I can make them happen. I want to work on me this year, and this is how I’m going to do it. 16 resolutions – Here’s to 2016! 


“Let your memories make a map of all the places you’ve been and show you the places you’ve yet to go.”


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