post-kickboxing thoughts

••• tonight’s activity just sparked some thoughts! •••



I rarely try something funky at restaurants. I read the movie synopsis and reviews before I go to a movie. I love to organize, to plan, to color-code, to pack my bags three weeks in advance. I like to play it safe. Adventurous and spontaneous are not words that I would choose if someone asked me to describe myself… The word I do choose is authentic. My most treasured word. Something I have also realized lately is that while I am authentic, I am constantly changing. I am not the person I was one year ago, 5 months ago, or even yesterday.

Adjusting from college to summer has been a change, but different than I expected. I have gone to summer camp every summer since I was five years old, and last summer I took part in 4 summer camps, along with hosting 2 girls from Europe for two weeks and attending orientation for college. I worked on the weekends and kept myself busy with a couple close friends and my family. I had a wonderful summer last summer.

Then came college, filled with love and laughter and tons of fun. I was upset about the transition, thinking that nothing would ever be the same and there was no way that my happiness could be at the same level as it was my freshmen year. I had people from my hometown and family making comments to me both online and in person like, “You seem so happy. You’ve always been happy but this is different and I’m happy for you.”

Last summer, I found happiness in other places and other people. This summer, I have found a lot of my happiness in my close friends, family (S/O to my amazing Mom), boyfriend… but mostly, MYSELF. I have found happiness in painting, reading, soaking up the sun, learning German, and getting myself organized for the rest of the summer. It’s exciting to be so in love with life that you fall in love with yourself.

And apparently, when I’m happy… I become slightly adventurous?

Although I’ve always been a summer camper… I’m not outdoorsy. I like to hike, but I don’t like to sit in grass. I like to be on the lake, but I don’t like the bugs. If you would have told me last year that I’d be camping over Memorial Day Weekend in the rain and sun with my boyfriend and his (awesome) family, I’d have laughed. Not my cup of tea, I would have thought. As I have admitted on my blog before, I am usually wrong. I had a blast. The beginning of my chaco’s tan is coming in nicely and I giggled so much over those few days. It’s an awesome thing to experience someone else’s family dynamic and to learn so much about them! Also, the sun was gorgeous and we did so many things that we hadn’t yet! (Campfire, anyone?!)

I just started my new job training yesterday for my summer job as an Orientation Leader. As a job perk, the Wellness Center on campus has granted us summer access, including all the fitness classes. A friend and fellow OL and I decided to grab that opportunity and test out some of the classes! Last night, we did Yoga. I had done a bit of yoga before, but nothing as intense as the class. I woke up a little stiff but my back, mind, and soul felt replenished.

Today, following a full day of training, we headed back to the wellness center to attend our first ever kickboxing class. I had no idea what to expect, besides the fact that I knew it would be cardio and leg work. While both of those things were true, I never expected to feel so empowered. It kicked my butt; I was absolutely exhausted by the end. Kickboxing is like fight against an invisible opponent, working all the elements of your body. I was sweating like crazy by the end… but I also felt amazing. I had done something, by me & for me, that took away all my frustrations and focused me in on making myself a better me. I have never been one for fitness and I’d usually be like, “don’t put me down for cardio,” but tonight I took a chance on an opportunity and completely changed my mindset for the evening and who knows what else. If you’ve never tried… you should! I burned approximately 600 calories in one hour!

I came home and ate a relatively healthy supper, followed by a couple oreos. I’m now snuggled in bed and making predictions for Miss USA!

Happiness is easy when you take it upon yourself! (And maybe, try kickboxing?!)

xoxo, Alex


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