falling in love with [and in] summer


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I’ve always gone to summer camps. Don’t get me wrong, these camps have shaped me into the person that I am, given me lifelong friendships, and provided me with life skills that are invaluable. However, several of my summers have been cut in chunks due to my time spent across my area, my state, and my country at summer camps, and I felt as if it flew by, filled only by one camp or another.

This summer, I feel as if I am finally experiencing a summer with a mix of absolutely everything.. and I am LOVING it. I have an amazing summer job, I’ve been keeping myself busy and being an engineer of my own happiness, I got to go to summer camp as a counselor for a week in Colorado (travel!), I have amazing friends to see and keep in touch with, and of course, memories with that boyfriend of mine.

My job: I work as an orientation leader at South Dakota State. I absolutely love my job. The weeks of training felt long… but the days of New Student Orientation fly by as they are filled with new students, tons of questions, dreams, and tons of laughter. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have a job that is so fun and inspiring. My coworkers are amazing and I find myself learning more and more about my university, my own dreams, and myself every day. Also, I get to wear a pink fanny pack… so… #winning.


An Engineer of My Own Happiness: I like this phrase because it’s truly how I feel. Returning to my hometown for the summer didn’t excite me… I was nervous to leave my amazing friends behind for a while and return to a place with very few people who make me the very best, happy version of myself. However, I have found solace in painting. I am no artist, but I love that I have found a way to be creative that has a fun, decorative end result. I have focused on myself and making myself the best possible version of myself that I can be..all the time. I hang out with my amazing family. I refuse to let myself be bored.. and it’s been paying off!


Camp: Although I have been to numerous camps of various origins, purposes, and styles, Farmers Union has been a colossal part of my childhood (age 6) to my adulthood (now 19). Farmers Union is more than just a camp for ‘ag kids’. (If you know me, you know that I’m not your typical farm girl, ha!) Farmers Union acted as a vessel of education for me, teaching me valuable leadership skills, cooperative ideologies, legislative and political activism, and, of course, a bit about agriculture. This camp has given me numerous friendships and tons of opportunity. With this organization, I have traveled across my state and the nation. From Wichita to Minneapolis sitting in on national policy for our organization, to lobbying on behalf of family farms and Farmers Union members in Washington D.C. this past fall… I never imagined as a 6-year-old singing camp songs about a Union Button that I would come full circle and end up as a national representative on the 2015-2016 National Youth Advisory Council. This year, I traveled to Bailey, Colorado for the second time to take part in a week of leadership, service, learning, and fun at All-States Camp, this time in the leadership/counselor role. It was the final step in a long and wonderful Farmers Union Youth Program journey and was the absolute perfect addition to my summer.

camp Collage

My friends: It has been a strange adjustment not seeing my very favorite humans every single day. I saw this tweet yesterday and thought nothing could be so relevant:

Screen Shot 2016-07-07 at 2.10.36 PM



I absolutely picked the right college and I absolutely chose the very best friends. I miss them so much, but getting to see a few of them this weekend was amazing () and keeping in touch with snapchat, facetime, and texting makes the distance more doable.


As for falling in love in summer, it’s been an absolute blast. I’ll spare you the cheesy details… but when you find someone who makes you smile about as much as you breathe, it’s safe to say you’ve found a keeper. johnnyboycollage1

  • hometown dates ✓
  • camping ✓
  • music festival ✓
  • wedding ✓
  • and more ♥





As you can see, I have fallen in love with summer. I feel like I’m in the movies. I said this a lot last weekend with my boyfriend’s crazy, wonderful family and my suitemate’s awesome fourth of July bash… I feel like I’m living in a movie and I’m the main character who ends up happy and in love as the credits roll through.

so.. that’s what you missed on glee.

..if that title wasn’t taken for the t.v. show, maybe I would name my movie that¿?

FullSizeRender 24

Au Revoir for now,

♥ Alex

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