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I know I’m struggling with this… so I figured I’d share some of my favorite finds, gifts, and stocking stuffers that I’ve either tried & loved or heard great things about. It’s time to start crafting your wishlist or prepping gifts for the gal pals in your life! When you’re ordering — do so on a desktop, use chrome, and install the HONEY plug-in to save some money and track the items you’re hoping to purchase! Shop smart this season, pals!

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Style & Beauty

for the everyday gal to the glam fashionista

Felt flat-brim hat • I love this hat! It’s fashionable, affordable, and perfect for fall and winter outfits. The brim on this hat isn’t too big, so it’s flattering for any face shape (in my opinion!) and has an adjustable drawstring inside for people with a smaller noggin’ (not me, I leave that baby fully expanded!). Not a fan of the brown color? Don’t worry — there’s 16 color options available!

Puffer vestI love a good vest during the cold months, and this one from Old Navy is cute and a great price! I just purchased it (there was a sale last week making it just $12.60) so you might see a photo of me in this vest on the ‘gram very soon!

Denim baseball capThis baseball cap is my savior on bad hair days and it goes with any outfit. I love to pair it with my denim jacket to really get that full Canadian tuxedo vibe.

Magnetic eyelashes • Full transparency, I got gifted these eyelashes through their parent company on Instagram. However, I have tried tons of magnetic lashes (I’m really not a fan of lash glue) and these take the cake! They’re reusable and look fabulous. It’s a fun stocking stuffer!

Calvin Klein lounge bras • I love these! Super cute and comfy. I included the Amazon link, but the best price I’ve found for any CK is at Nordstrom Rack.

Kate Spade purse • One of the best gifts I’ve been given was a couple years back when I asked my two older brothers to go in together and buy me a Kate Spade purse! It’s still in perfect condition and I think of them when I put it on. I picked it out from the sale section and then forwarded them the link on Black Friday when it was on MAJOR sale (from within the sale section).

Wet brush hair brush • This is a recommendation from a friend, but it was already on my list as well! If you haven’t tried a wet brush… let me tell you! I have had the travel size wet brush since I backpacked Europe and I use it every single day — even though I have two full-size hair brushes!

Fashion Belt • This belt has been raved about by fashion bloggers. It’s simple, chic, and can be used with sweater dresses, jeans, or any outfit where you need to cinch in at the waist!

Naked Honey Eyeshadow Palette by Urban Decay • I’ve been eyeing this palette because I adore my Urban Decay Naked Cherry palette. Super pigmented, great quality — I was hesistant to splurge on an eyeshadow pallet, but I love it. The colors in this palette are just right; 12 golden neutrals and warm brown tones.


for making our homes cozier, cuter, and more functional

Coasters • I felt like a true adult when I purchased myself some coasters for my super cute coffee table. I like these simple, modern coasters that go with basically any decor.

Silk Pillowcase • The bloggers and content creators I follow on Instagram RAVE about this pillowcase so I’ve added it to my own wishlist — trying to have beautiful, shiny hair and glowing skin, here!

Movies! • Don’t forget to stock up on the DVDs or blu-rays of your favorite films this year. (or that you just haven’t picked up yet!) I’m still adding movies to my list but a couple that are on the list currently: Oceans 8 and Avatar!

Hypoallergenic Sheets • Sometimes, the less fun items are great for a holiday wishlist… they tend to be items that we hate to buy ourselves but that we need anyways! I think sheets are one of those items. These are highly-rated… and you can’t go wrong with fresh sheets!

Copper Frying Pan • One of my former roommates had a copper frying pan and it changed my life… aka, I asked for one for graduation and have used it every day since. I highly recommend this purchase for your kitchen!

Candles • I love candles and think they’re a perfect gift to ask for and to receive! If you want to go a little bigger, I’d recommend the Capri Blue Volcano candle — a delicious, strong aroma that can fill a room. The one linked above is a white candle, simply because I like the aesthetic of the white exterior. It’s more of a tropical scent. If you’re aiming to go more seasonal, Bath & Body Works offers some great sales on their candles… and we can’t beat a good fall or winter scent to make our spaces a little more homey and a whole lot more delicious.


for the travel lovers like me!

Passport cover • I love having a little passport cover to keep boarding passes, baggage claim stubs, or even my driver’s license and cards in.

Carry-on Suitcase • I bought this carry-on suitcase on Amazon Prime Day, and I have been thoroughly impressed!! It’s cute, sturdy, and fits a great amount of stuff — I even packed it to the absolute brim for my long weekend in Seattle last month. It was a great bargain on Prime Day, but it’s an affordable piece of sturdy luggage on the average day, too. It comes in 9 colors — I chose the Rose Gold!


coffee table conversation starters, binge-worthy reads, and fictional escapes

The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks • This is my all-time favorite book… I’m not kidding, I’ve read it 6+ times. It’s a romantic novel with two intertwined love stories that occur decades apart… hints of history, art, rodeo, and modern dating. I can’t recommend it enough. The movie is abysmal in comparison.

Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss • My brother, Blake, gifted this book to me several years ago because of our family’s deep love for the Harry Potter series. He said that Patrick Rothfuss’ words were the closest comparison he’d felt to how we all feel during J. K. Rowling’s masterpieces. I let it sit on my shelf for a couple years, but when I started it I couldn’t put it down!

Our Shoes, Our Selves by Bridget Moynahan and Amanda Benchley • I was gifted this book by my parents for my 22nd birthday. They gifted it to me just before a four-hour car ride…. well, I finished it within the first half of that trek. My mom was shocked as she figured it would be a coffee-table type book; one that you read one or two of the stories at a time. I still do this since it sits on my side table next to my wingback chair, but I was happy to read through the entirety of this collection of stories just after being gifted it. It’s the story of 40 amazing women and 40 pairs of shoes — shoes that tell a story for them, and they share it with us. Some women involved in the project include Maya Lin, Barbara Bush, Rachael Ray, Misty Copeland, Danica Patrick, and many more.

California Girls by Susan Mallery • My second favorite novel — this book found me at the perfect time in the corner of a grocery store during my visit to San Clemente, California this past spring. It’s the story of three sisters at very different stages of life — finding love, peace, and happiness throughout the craziness of life.

Park Avenue Summer by Renée Rosen • While I haven’t yet read this book, I did make the purchase! One of my favorite podcasters/content creators, Katy Bellotte, does quite a bit of reading — this book was highly recommended by her and many of her followers. It takes place in NYC in the 60s — a small town girl chasing her big-city dreams & working for the editor of Cosmo. I’m excited to dig in soon!


Gaiam Yoga Mat • I was gifted my yoga mat last Christmas, and it was a great gift! If you or a gal pal needs some inspiration to get working on your yoga flow, flexibility, or hitting the gym in general — a cute yoga mat might just do the trick! This mat is a good thickness, affordable, and comes in a ton of different prints and color options.

Gym Membership • While it may seem a little unconventional, I remember one of the gals at my gym mentioning that she’d asked for the $$$ to pay for her gym membership from her parents at Christmas. I thought this was an awesome gift idea if you’re not sure what to put on your list — and good motivation to kick in those 2020 goals! If you don’t want to go in to a gym or fitness studio, my gym — b.well brookings — offers on-demand workouts you can do at home!

Other + Recommendations

the uncategorized & the recommendations from my friends & followers

Erin Condren LifePlanner I thrive on organization, and this bad boy is no exception! Cute covers and options to organize vertically, horizontally, or hourly (I love hourly for my busy schedule). If you’re hoping to get more organized in the new year, this is the planner for you!

Lunch Bag • I needed a cute, insulated lunch bag for my long days on campus while I’m teaching. This cute bag is spacious, comes in plenty of colors, and is under $20! This has a crossbody strap and a big external pocket. I’m super happy with my purchase.

Affirmators • At $14, it’s a super positive stocking stuffer! You could even just open the cards and include a few of them in with each gift for your gal pals! I keep courage by my bedside and beauty by my mirror, perfect daily reminders for me.

Vacuum • I don’t have a specific link for this one… mainly because I don’t have any experience with gifting, purchasing, or being gifted a vacuum cleaner… but a friend told me that a gift she really enjoyed getting was her vacuum cleaner. So, if you want to ask for something that really makes you feel like an adult… ask for a vacuum!

Weighted Blanket • Another friendly recommendation, a couple friends really adore their weighted blankets! The recommended brand was Bearaby, but here I’ve just linked the Amazon’s choice option with a removable, washable cover.

Espresso Machine • I’m not a big coffee gal, but for my ladies that are — consider an espresso machine! I’ve attached a personal-sized, highly-rated, Breville espresso machine. Keep calm and caffeinate, my friends!

Immersion Blender • My friend recommended this — she said that it’s one of the gifts she has “loved the most that I never thought I needed or wanted!” She likes to make soups with it. Here’s a nice blog I found about why you need an Immersion Blender and lots of soups you can make once you have one!

AirPods • I don’t have these, but my friends that do are vehemently faithful to these little guys! If you don’t have them but have been lusting over your friend’s ability to totally tune out the world while covering them with their hair, now’s the chance to add them to your list.

Subscriptions • Think about your favorite subscriptions — what would you like to be a gift that keeps on giving all year long? For example — Entertainment: Hulu, Spotify, Netflix; Style/Beauty: StitchFix, FabFitFun, Ipsy

That’s all for now, folks! I hope this little gift guide helps you craft your wish list or tackle some online shopping for the ladies in your life. I’m excited for this holiday season — let me know if you purchase any of these gifts or have ideas of other things that can be added to my gift guide or my own personal Christmas list! Find me on instagram, @alexfarbie.

Happy Holidays! Don’t forget to practice thankfulness in November, even if the hustle of the holidays has you already jamming to Christmas tunes and checking the sales on the daily. *cue Mariah Carey*



Happy Gifting! • Photo from Christmas 2017