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If you’re interested in supporting me & my efforts to continue blogging, creating and sharing content, and earning some cool stuff for yourself… here’s just a few ways to support me! Be sure to click on the links on this page so that I receive credit.


Shop my amazon favorites from my storefront! there’s a little bit of everything — style, home, swim, beauty! Please note you must shop from the amazon WEBSITE (not the mobile app) for me to receive credit. Be sure to hit follow! You can also create a wedding registry, baby registry, or receive a 30 day free trial of amazon prime!


Honey is a free Google Chrome plug-in for desktop that searches for the best deals & coupon codes for sites that you already shop on. Yes, it is THAT easy. + You can earn GIFT CARDS for freeeee. Why wouldn’t you?!

Capital One

Capital One is the best credit card for travel lovers like me — double points on all purchases that can be translated into airline miles! Additionally, if you book flights or hotel rooms or rent a car, you can earn 5x the points! Check out my referral code and get started — the app is a game changer, too!


Airbnb is perfect for travelers who want a more authentic feel for each place… hotels can only offer so much, whereas airbnbs allow you to meet different people, live like a local, and…get a good bargain! $55 off your first stay with my link!

home chef

Home Chef is a meal kit delivery service — you choose your meals, amount of servings, delivery day, etc. Tons of options & delicious meals. You can skip weeks you’re not interested in receiving a box. New customers get $35 off their first order with my link!


Skiplagged is my go-to site for checking flights, flight prices, etc. If you’re a traveler on a budget, use Skiplagged to find the flights that other airlines don’t want you to find! Click my link, make an account, get cheap flights!

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